Hier der englische Original-Text der IBM internen Kommunikation:

PowerVM now allows for highest flexibility and most effective
operations of multiple SAP HANA workloads on a single IBM Power System

SAP SE has announced support for multiple production HANA databases running on virtualized IBM Power Systems.
This is a major step forward in exploiting the leading PowerVM
virtualization technologies for SAP HANA landscapes and a further
differentiator for IBM Power Systems regarding flexibility and resource
usage compared to other SAP HANA solutions.

SAP-Note 2230704 “SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems with multiple – LPARs per physical host” documents that up to four concurrent production HANA database partitions are now supported
on a single POWER8 Enterprise Class server (E870 and E880). The S-Class
models and the E850 are allowed to host up to three concurrent
production HANA database partitions. The SAP sizing rules for HANA
production systems apply to each of the individual HANA partitions. In
case a system is operating with less than the maximum number of allowed
production HANA partitions, additional workload (e.g.,
non-production HANA systems, application servers, or other applications)
can run in one or more partitions in a Shared Processor Pool
. For I/O virtualization, optional VIO server partitions can be deployed in addition to the number of allowed application partitions.

Production SAP HANA in-memory databases must be deployed
using dedicated or dedicated-donating processor configurations. With the
latter, idle CPU resources of the HANA production partitions can be
used by partitions contained in a Shared Processor Pool. This
effectively allows utilizing the overall system resources while lowering

In addition, the support for multiple production partitions
now enables joint SAP and IBM POWER customers to align their HANA
deployments with the typical standard in their data centers.