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Für alle Interessenten, Kunden, Anwender, Berater und Hersteller die im SAP HANA on IBM POWER Umfeld aktiv sind. Beiträge erscheinen in deutscher und englischer Sprache. Sponsoren sind die Anwendergruppen der GSE und der COMMON.


NSE candidates – SAP Note 2973243

Uncategorised Posted on Mon, March 08, 2021 16:00:49

SAP HANA advice of the day by @JensGleichmann

Activate select statistics to evaluate the access frequency of a table.
This will give you a first idea which of the tables are good candidates for NSE.
Good candidates are tables with low read and high write ratio

IDC WP: SAP Landscapes, Migration means much more than just LINUX…

Uncategorised Posted on Fri, March 05, 2021 09:46:12

IDC Whitepaper available 2021 Feb

For SAP Landscapes, Migration Means Much More Than Just Linux

New Redpaper Draft: HoP Backup and Recovery Solutions

Uncategorised Posted on Fri, March 05, 2021 08:26:01

IBM Redpaper draft release available:

SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems Backup and Recovery Solutions, REDP-5619: resources to develop a backup and recovery solutions guide for HANAonPOWER.

You can find the publication at the IBM Redbooks website:

Power Systems HMCScanner

Uncategorised Posted on Fri, March 05, 2021 08:18:36

PowerSytems HMCscanner = very useful tool for any Hardware Management Console controlling POWER servers.

Created by IBMer Federico Vagnini (Italy).

Please use the latest version 0.11.42 from 2019 and not older versions. Download from then find “HMCscanner”

Neue Forrester TEI-Studie zu “Optimierung und Verwaltung Ihrer HybridMulticloud”

Uncategorised Posted on Thu, March 04, 2021 19:00:33

Neue Forrester TEI (Total Economic Impact)-Studie (April 2020) zu “Optimierung und Verwaltung Ihrer HybridMulticloud”:

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