– SPLPARs (Shared Processor Pool LPARs) are now allowed by SAP not exceeding size of 1 NUMA node for Power9 and Power9 for OLTP and mixed-workload, OLAP tbd soon

– LPM usage is now officially supported again (see Update of SAP Note 2188482 from Dec 12, 2019) when fulfilling the needed prereqs

– a number of new/updated SAP Notes concerning NSE usage available

– How to preserve not only Column Data in Memory with vPMEM for HANA Restarts, LPAR and Linux Restarts but also Row Store Data: see SAP Note 2159435 HANA HowTo Keeping Row Store in Memory When Restarting

Get those SAP notes directly from SAP Service Marketplace (S-UID required) or get – a HoP relevant subset of SAP Notes – from your individual IBM BOX Folder (HoP4Customers, HoP4BPs, HoP4SAP, HoP4IBM…)