Updated HoP Advanced Operation Guide 0.7 available – with needed Linux Kernels for LPM operation!
Only the minimum kernel versions are listed. Higher Kernel versions will fulfill the prerequisites too.
For SLES the minimum kernels are:
• SLES 11 up to SLES12 SP2 working without any prerequisites.
• SLES 12 SP3: minimum kernel 4.4.178-94.91.1
• SLES 12 SP4: minimum kernel 4.12.14-95.16.1
• SLES 15 SP0: minimum kernel 4.12.14-150.17.1
• SLES 15 SP1 and above working without any prerequisites.

For download of the complete document pls see IBM Techdocs: http://www.ibm.com/…/techdocs/atsmastr.nsf/WebIndex/WP102502