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Für alle Interessenten, Kunden, Anwender, Berater und Hersteller die im SAP HANA on IBM POWER Umfeld aktiv sind. Beiträge erscheinen in deutscher und englischer Sprache. Sponsoren sind die Anwendergruppen der GSE und der COMMON.


Webcast – IBM Power – “Höchste Zeit für Echtzeit”

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20. Mai 2020 – 11:00 Uhr

Webcast IDG Computerwoche:

IBMPower – Höchste Zeit für Echtzeit –

Sprache: deutsch/german

Think 2020 – May 05/06, 2020 IT Infrastructure and SAP Presentations Schedule available

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Think 2020 – IT Infrastructure Presentations Schedule:

SAP and / or HANAonPOWER related sessions:

SAP Sessions at Think 2020:

•Why infrastructure matters for successful SAP HANA deployments? – 3128

•IBM Cloud for SAP – Features, benefits, roadmap, and the 2027 deadline to move to SAP HANA – 6276

•Rapidly migrating legacy systems while adding new capabilities & driving innovation – 6957

•Achieving unmatched flexibility & resiliency for your SAP applications – 6979

•IBM Cloud Power Virtual Servers for SAP – Peak performance, cloud prices and options – 6270

Generice Infrastructure Sessions

The New Essential Technologies of Business – 6613

•Building Resilient and Smarter Businesses to Act at the Speed of Insight – 6616

•Scale Innovation at Speed with Hybrid Cloud and AI – 6614

•Why Complex Workloads Thrive on Public Cloud – 6731

•Games to Prepare You for the Future – 6611